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Special Announcement:
   The New Electric gate is now online and working. The gate went live on October 21st and has been in operation for some time now. The gate is working with a temporary code so that the membership can get used to the operations of the gate and to allow us to work any bugs and issues out of the system. The temp code is '0' + the current lock code. As per CCFSA rules, please do not give this code out to non-member personel. Once the gate is open, you will have 20 seconds to enter / Exit the gate before it starts to close again.
  In addition to the main enty gate, there is a pedestrian gate that can be used if you wish to walk in / out of the ranges and not use a vehicle. The same code works on that pad as the main entry and exit gate. Please be sure the gate is closed if you use it.
  The temp code will be in use for approximately 4-6 weeks and then each member will get a personalized entry code. Please watch your email and the web page for more information and when you can expect to recieve you code.

-Jon Moots
CCFSA Membership Director

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